Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Presidential Election 2016 : Success of Trump or failure of Clinton campaign ?

The way I am looking at Presidential Election 2016

1. There are four major issues : A) Declining income of American middle class B) Job loss due to outsourcing & bad trade agreement like NAFTA C) Burden of Student loan D) Escalated healthcare premium due to Obamacare

2. Anything else like racism, anti-immigration rant etc are the after effect of declining income of traditional American middle class.

3. Unless A-D are addressed properly, racism will only escalate.

4. You can't stop globalization by politics. You can't stop job loss due to automation by politics. Protectionism will kill American economy further. But people do need relief. So only way out is to invest on education of American people and research.

5. People love to think protectionism will save their job and income. It won't. Only way to save their job is to create more opportunities in America by research and innovation and reskilling American population.

6. Hillary Clinton is on right track when she is talking about boosting manufacturing by research and innovation. Trump's protectionism is a failed idea. Also he doesn't have a plan to reduce burden of Student loan.

7. But there are issues. Clinton has lost a lot of trust by being associated with dubious people. Common people are not trusting career politician anymore and Trump is taking advantage of common anger.

8. Also when I looked at both the candidates, Trump is more grounded than Clinton. Trump clearly understood mistakes of some of the trade deals while Clinton simply ignored them. This may prove costly to Clinton.

9. Trump campaign is based on anger and emotion. He has moved a force by hook or by crook. Clinton failed to move her base. Her campaign made very little effort to organize volunteers, while Trump managed more volunteering force for him.

10. Clinton's election strategy is also not well thought out. She is still trying get women voters which is useless now-because she already maximized that option. She needed to assure on two aspects and she has not done well on that A. How she will change Obamacare B. How she will protect American jobs.

Overall-it is a very close election and much of it is failure of Clinton campaign than success of Trump.

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