Sunday, September 9, 2012

American politics vs real marriage !

Biplab Pal
9th Sept, 2012

We all know DNC and RNC is not about politics. It is about political wives. It is about their testament of their faithful husbands. I am now more than convinced, to be a good American president, first you have to be an extra-ordinary husband. A real husband who will rekindle the love in his wife even when she will be grandma. Single, gay, divorcee better keep distance from American politics. It is not for you. It is reserved for the good husbands who had a real marriage! Fractured, gay, distant and compromised marriage do not count. To be a president of USA, you have to have a real marriage!

   As Clinton pointed out a man is better known by the woman he had chosen to marry, indicating Obama's choice of Michelle is the best example of how Mr President is capable of making better decision, I was wondering how many times a man gets rejected before he manages to fool a woman.  Thankfully, presidential race has uncanny parallel. Here too, a president nominee needs to be persistent and persuasive in the art of fooling the audience till he is successful in converting them from rejection to acceptance.  So yes. Bill was more than right. If you have shown your talent in fooling a good woman, you are a guaranteed success in American Politics. Both Romney and Obama should qualify in this category,  as frankly speaking, Ann and Michelle are both extraordinary women. America may hate Obama or Romney but they love their wives. So what a twist of fate in democracy!  Wives have to rescue their husbands in their presidential race because the wives are the true loved one !  It looked to me RNC an DNC were all about that! 

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  1. I have a question. Why the U.S. is spending millions for that would arrange civil war in Ukraine.
    Why the U.S. government hires assassins that would destroy the Ukrainian people? Why? Why are you wasting the taxpayers' money for the war in Ukraine
    Why the American people do nothing? Why the American people do not interfere in U.S. politics?
    Urgent repost.