Sunday, December 20, 2015

Bernie Sanders-another state capitalist in disguise of socialist

I do see many of the left leaning democrats already started worshiping Bernie Sanders as next socialist messiah who can save United States from miseries inflicted by corporate America.

 Unfortunately, when I reviewed his campaign and ideology, it clearly stood out,  he is another populist  pushing state capitalism instead of socialism because most of the mass electorates have very little idea of what is the difference between state capitalism and socialism.

 Bernie's model is something, I am very familiar being grown up under Neheruvite economy in India where state controlled economy barely produced anything  under industrial license and regulation. India was barely making progress till 1991 when PM Singh paved the way for market reform. Also socialist model of Europe is not at all a socialist model but a failed model of  State sponsored capitalism of subsidies and benefit that never ever worked anywhere anytime in the history. From the instances of Soviet Union to failed welfare model of European Union,  it is failure of state capitalism and no way these political system including the one proposed by Bernie ever be called as socialist in nature.

 These are perfect recipe for failure and will bring nothing but disasters. State capitalism is worst form of capitalism and not socialism.

 Socialism or for that matter principle of socialism will emerge from capitalist model of production automatically when equal or semi-equal ownership distribution among the company employees will be more productive than  single ownership of the company. Growth of IT and modern innovation driven industry already showed that promise where start-ups owned by a few workers can produce more innovations than giant corporate as in start-up every employee works for their own ownership and thus produce better goods. Employee owned companies and organizations are already producing better results than investor owned companies. That is the true sign of socialism where ownership of production belongs to the producers and not with the state or with the investors.

Populist socialists like Bernie existed since 18th century Europe. During time of Marx, they used to be called social progressive. As history showed, Karl Marx was in constant fight against Bernie like social progressive of his time because in essence such populist pretending to be a socialist, happened to have damaged the cause of socialist society without knowing their action and politics are counterproductive to the evolution to socialism.

Income inequality of America can't be solved by socialist reform or tax reform. US indeed had worst kind of income equality beginning of 20th century when monopoly of Morgan, Carnegie and Rockefeller reigned supreme. Historically to make progress for more equal society, one needs to destroy monopoly and strictly impose anti-trust laws against monopolistic practice. We also need to encourage innovations and innovative start-up to challenge large corporate and their market. Obama did some of it somewhat perfectly and sometimes somewhat vaguely.

Populists exploit frustration as frustrated people fail to think deeply about issues of political system. Bernie is just another populist without any real clue to solve major issues of income inequality or poverty in United States.

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